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Misty Fjords Flights

Flights to Misty Fjords are easily found out of Ketchikan. Carlin Air is one of the longest operating air taxi service out Ketchikan.

Misty Fjords Float Plane Tours

Float planes are the quickest most efficent way to see Misty Fjords. A Misty Fjords Flightseeing tour is a must if in the Ketchikan area.

Misty Fjords Air Taxis

All of Misty Fjords air taxi services are based out of Ketchikan. Local photographer Chip Porter has an amazing collection of photographs of Ketchikans air taxis.

Misty Fjords Facts

Misty Fjords is located roughly 40 miles east of Ketchikan. It was desginated a National Monument in 1978. The walls of the fjords can rise 3,000ft from the waters below and be up to 100 miles long. The second largest wilderness in National Forest in the country.

The Rainforest

Misty Fjords like much of Southeast Alaska recieves much rain fall that comes in off the Pacific Ocean. The plant life is thick and abundant and can even be found on the cliffs of the fjords.